What's changed?

Nothing changes. You will continue with the old subscription model as long as you like for the same amount you are already paying. But you will not enjoy the benefits of the new Subscription model and Notes Subscription Rewards.


Our new subscription model ensures you get the highest quality, freshly roasted coffee beans from a new location every month. You will also receive your coffee in one monthly delivery, and be charged only once.

In addition, by upgrading to the new Subscription, you also have access to Notes Subscription Rewards and other benefits

  • New coffee every month, guaranteed;
  • A new log-in so you can manage your subscription the way you want. Pause, skip a month or cancel with no additional charges
  • On the 25th of each month, we'll send out information about next month's coffee
  • 1 order per month, 1 delivery per month
  • 10% OFF on all webshop purchases as a Subscriber
  • You'll be the first to hear about new coffees, coffee toys and promotions

Would you like to upgrade? Please get in touch or send a message in our Contact Page.