Hario V60 01 Filter Paper with 100 - Notes Coffee Webshop
Aeropress Paper x 350 Micro-Filters - Notes Coffee Webshop
350 AeroPress microfilters Removes grit, unlike other press-type coffee makers Biodegradable Compostable   Country USA
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Widely recognized around the world, the V60 pour over.Why the cone shape? The cone shaped paper filter adds depth to...
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Acaia Pearl Scale - Notes Coffee Webshop
The first product in our lineup, the Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now favored by top baristas and cafes around...
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Cork Edition crafted from blown tempered glass and cork. A premium drinking experience best suited to a coffee ritual –...
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Precision Brewer® Thermal
Brew craft filter coffee automatically. The world's first 1.7L drip coffee maker with the precision required to brew craft filter...
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the Smart Grinder™ Pro
Grind intelligently with Dosing IQ technology With 60 unique settings, this programmable conical burr grinder maximizes the potential of any...
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Notes Coffee Roasters Chilly's Bottles 500ml
24 Hours Cold Ice-cold drinks for up to 24 hours, regardless of the outside temperature. Our advanced double-walled vacuum insulation...
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On Balance 3000 Digital Table Scale - Notes Coffee Webshop
On Balance 3000 Features Capacity: 3000g Readability: 0.1g Stainless Steel Weighing Platform Weighing Modes: Grams & Troy oz (g /...
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Hario V60 02 Filter Paper with 100 - Notes Coffee Webshop
Hario V60 01 Filter Paper with 40 - Notes Coffee Webshop
Hario V60 02 Filter Paper with 40