Site Log

Main Update:

New Site 1.0

Here are some more details about our new and improved store:

  • New Design - Easier to navigate and buy, with more product information, fewer clicks and a clearer interface.
  • New & improved subscriptions - Introducing a new subscription model. New coffees guaranteed every month and subscribers get 10% off all site purchases, plus other exclusive benefits. Find out more at:
    • Former subscribers who wish to migrate to the new subscription model can visit for more information.
    • If you would prefer not to migrate, you can continue with the old subscription model
  • Wishlist - You can now tag coffees and other products. To do this, click on the heart icon on the products. To view the list, click the heart icon on the main menu.

And in the near future, even more functionality:

  1. Virtual Gift Cards - In the future, you will be able to buy gift cards, and use the code at any time. You will also be able to add this card/code to your Apple Wallet.
  2. Give away purchases - When you buy any product, you can add the gift option.
  3. Notes Blog - Detailed content about cafes, places and monthly posts written directly by Fábio Ferreira, bringing news about the world of specialty coffee.